Monday, August 13, 2012

A haul!

Well it's not an outfit post, but here's a haul! I took pictures of my recent buys. Please disregard the quality of the pictures. I took them all on my iPhone and the closeup pictures are pretty good but I tend to get a really shaky hand when I take pictures from farther away so all the full length pictures are pretty sub-par. It really bugs me but what can you do (except edit the best I can on iPhoto). ANYWAY, on with the haul! :)

*If I found it online, you will be able to click onto the link. Some of the stuff is from outlets/consignment shops/local shops so I can't find them online. Or I am just technologically-challenged :( *

1. Shorts (I had a closeup picture but I'm not sure what I'm doing and it won't add it to the page right so um.... #awkward)

Floral print shorts from the Gap outlet
2. Tops

Striped V-neck sweater from Tommy Hilfiger outlet 
Striped/print long-sleeve T-shirt from The North Face clearance 
Short-sleeve sweater from Target
3. Cardigan/Blazer

Striped collarless blazer from J. Crew (but found at consignment shop)
Closeup detail of the blazer
The inside detail of the blazer
V-neck 3/4 sleeve cardigan from the Gap outlet
4. Dresses

Print dress from a local boutique 
Closeup on detail
Floral print handkerchief hem dress from local boutique 
Closeup of floral detail and hem 
Pleated dress from Alice + Olivia (but found at consignment shop) 
Floral applique detail
5. Skirt

Pleated chiffon maxi skirt c/o sheinside
6. Hat

Floppy straw hat from Target
7. Scarf (technically I got this awhile back but no one has seen it yet!)

Plisse chiffon scarf from H&M 
8. Jewelry

Leopard print/gold detail bracelet and necklace c/o sheinside
9. Boots

Leather riding boots from Bass & Co. outlet
10. Nail Polish

Sally Hansen "Sorbet", O.P.I. "Do You Lilac It", and O.P.I. "I'm All Ears"
11. Books

The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder, Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler, and Moonglass by Jessi Kirby (currently reading this last one still because I haven't had much time to read)
12. Laptop case (I just got a MacBook Pro for school so I had to get a pretty case!)

Floral print laptop portfolio from Vera Bradley

THAT WAS A LOT. Again I apologize for the pictures but at least you can still see what I got. These are just some of the things I've got the past few weeks. Hope you liked it, please let me know what you think of my recent purchases! :)

And I promise an outfit (OOTD) post will be up this week sometime whenever my cousin comes over to take pictures with her DSLR! <3

Until next time,
brunette silhouette :) 


  1. Love the blazer and red dress! Tres chic!

  2. Love the H&M scarf and the maxi skirt! :)